Risk Analysis (Risk Engineering)

Lots of notions and definitions of “risk” are spelled nowadays. According to Turkish Language Foundation, risk is defined as “Danger of suffering a loss, hazard”. ASAL Appraisal serves in this line as, executing risk analysis for assets subject to insurance (fixed assets), consulting about risk management, recontrolling the realization of suggestions and measures to be taken after the risk analysis.
Risk analysis works are carried out and reported according to the need and purpose of the clients. Service is generally supplied for the insurance corporations who will need the report before issuance of a policy or in assurance period and also several corporations operating in production / service industries within their standard operation process.
In our reports;
MAS (Maximum Amount Subject),
PML (Probable Maximum Loss),
EML (Estimated Maximum Loss)
MFL (Maximum Foreseeable Loss)
are calculated.

Our risk analysis works based on risk matrix and including recommendations and suggestions, will be instructive for assuring you and your company.

ASAL APPRAISAL defines the risk analysis process as;
Define, categorize, appraise-gauge, set priors and critical ones, separate the controllable, mitigable and correctible ones, prepare a suggestion and recommendation list, set the priorities, follow implementations and eliminate the deficiencies.