Machinery and Plant Appraisal

Machinery and Plant Appraisal services are provided by a separate department in our company. We give our following services with licensed Appraiser Mechanical Engineers that are served  in the field of Machinery and Plant Valuation for many years.

*Plant Appraisal (Machineries, installations and equipments’ appraisal including real estates.); Analyzing  lands, buildings, machinery, equipments,  installations  and auxiliary facilities  together; reporting separated or integrated suitable to the purpose of appraisal, by using proper appraisal concepts and valuation approaches according to  international appraisal standards.
*Machinery Appraisal; Investigating complete facility, -excluding real estates- all production line, utilities and auxiliary facilities and preparing appraisal report.
*Company Appraisal (Solution Partner); Valuation and reporting the enterprises’ property and intangible assets  that related  to the production, brand appraisal individually  or within the same appraisal report, preparing appraisal and analysis reports for purchasing-merger, privatization, projects or enterprises will go technical and financial analysis
*Project Appraisal; Preparing sector analysis of investment projects, location choice analysis, budget analysis, reports and manager abstract reports including risks-benefits factors.
*Appraisal for Vehicles and Construction Vehicles; Appraising all types of construction vehicles and used vehicles throughout Turkey in optimum cost and time.
*Rental Value Assessment for Machinery; Machinery rent value assessment  for long/short term rental contracts.
*Goods (raw material and product) Appraisal; Appraising raw material-end product goods and spare parts etc.
*Machinery Survey; Surveying physical appearance of machinery and equipments in users’ premises (with authorized service if needed) particularly owned by third parties, compatibility surveying and reporting conformity to invoice – proforma invoice contents.
*Consultancy and Exclusive Solutions for Enterprises;  We pay attention to you and share our experiences with you about the reports and consultancy services that you will need about all kind of appraisals.

Please contact us for our company’s references about electric power plants appraisals.