Quality Policy

ASAL APPRAISAL quality policy is, providing services to cover client needs and expectations, without conceding from ethics, quality and reliability, independency and honesty; and developing the quality of the services continually.

With this purpose;

 *Understanding our clients’ needs well and providing the best solutions with optimum budget and period of time, increasing the customer satisfaction to the highest level,
*Instructing our clients in every stage of progress, managing all stages and results interactively,
*Implement  national and international standards, assisting for development, following and using innovations,
*Continuous improvement in the standards of our services,
*Independency, professional care and accuracy, privacy, honesty and objectiveness; being attached to universal merits and appraisal ethics,
*Keeping high service quality with qualified human resource and up to date trainings given in direction of continuous development,
*Contributing to the development of the company culture and philosophy by putting the quality policy in practice by all managers and staff,
*Using resources effectively, following and applying the technological developments,
*Being respectful to nature and all livings, producing services with the consciousness of social responsibilities,
*Performing our quality management system innovatively and becoming a “brand” in the sector.
*Ensure the internalization of Quality Management System in the ASAL APPRAISAL organization and improving continually

adopted as our quality policy.